The Dynasty

Learn about the rich history of the Medical Lake Cross Country Program, with numerous league wins, state titles, and impressive state placings. Our program has a legacy of excellence in the sport.

Girls Team
6 appearances

2012 - 8th place

2013 - 10th place

2020 - 5th place

2021 - 2nd place

2022 - 3rd place

2023 - 4th place

Boys Team
11 consecutive appearances

2012 - 3rd place

2013 - 1st place

2014 - 1st place

2015 - 2nd place

2016 - 2nd place

2017 - 1st place

2018 - 9th Place

2019 - 3rd place

2020 - 2nd place

2021 - 4th place

2022 - 9th place

2023 - 9th place

If you are looking for a more in-depth analysis of MLHS Cross Country we have composed a spreadsheet that compares the team from each year and scores them against each other in a "head to head" hypothetical race, CLICK HERE.

Get to know us

Medical Lake Cross Country and Track & Field have been a perennial powerhouse in the NEA League for the past 12 years. This all started when Gene Blakenship got the position of Head Cross Country coach and subsequently Head Track Coach in the following school year. His dedication to the program is a big factor in our success and he is an inspiration to many.

Coaching Staff

Our strength lies in our individuality. All of our coaches come from different backgrounds but all have strengths in this sport that make them indispensable.


Head Coach Cross Country

Head Coach Track & Field


Assistant Coach Cross Country

Assistant Coach Track & Field

Sarah Collins

Assistant Coach Cross Country

Volunteer Coach Track & Field

Jeremiah Windle

Volunteer Coach Cross Country

Assistant Coach Track & Field

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