External Resources:

Below will be a list of links to external tools on tons of topics including nutrition, training, booklists, podcasts, etc. Please feel free to use these links and spread them as they have all been useful to us in the past.

Ancillary Work:

This section includes all of the work we do on top of running. We don't do all of this every day. This is more meant to serve as a document hub to come back to when needed:

Running Gear:

While there are a lot of places to buy running gear(shoes, clothes, watches, bottles, etc.) we have found the most success with the following brands and would recommend them to all athletes. Please note that hyperlinks are being used and clicking on any of the following links will open a new tab on that website.

Training Resources:

Understanding more about running from every perspective is one of the best ways to grow as an individual which can in term help your team grow. I have derived great value from all the material listed below and you will find elements of almost all of them in our training. I will divide these up into "eras" of training to help differentiate better. Anything is BOLD is what I think is essential distance runner knowledge.

Original Gangsters of Running (1950 - 1985)

Modern Training (1986 - current)

Cool Interviews/Articles

Fun Websites:

This could be anything relating to running that I find interesting, useful, or funny.

  • Strava: Awesome tool to track activities with and connect with athletes.

  • Canute's Efficient Running Site: This an interesting blog with lots of good research articles.

  • New Interval Training: Similar to the concept of "Flux Training". I have not experimented enough on myself to implement.

  • Racing Past: Very detailed articles on athletes from almost all decades.

  • Running Past: Similar to Racing Past, but focused on US-based athletes.

Youtube Channels
  • Sweat Elite

  • Very Nice Track Club

  • Tinman Elite

  • Total Running Productions